Kelsey litter clean up feat to be proud of

Shawnigan Lake – I’d like to share some good news with everyone.


The pictures I have attached are from a short walk by Kelsey school. This beautiful place was hard to enjoy because of all the litter and garbage piled up around the area.


I didn’t attach any of those pictures; they are now a bad memory. The Frances Kelsey School students and teachers with the cooperation of Jeff Rowan, principal of Frances Kelsey School, have cleaned it up! Quote from the letter I received from Mr. Jeff Rowan: "We had a team of kids and a teacher clean the main trail to Tim Hortons today. We took off a number of bags of garbage and it is fully clean now. The teacher and more kids then went down the trail where your pictures show. They took out four to five garbage bags which only made a small dent. The kids our teacher took on this second trip are fairly worldly kids who know that space.


Apparently this has been built up almost as a campout area where people from the community and even Victoria come to linger."


I would like to say a big thank you to the students and staff of Frances Kelsey School, I’m very proud of you!


Joanne Delfae Wallace


Shawnigan Lake