Kyle Wylie

After spending seven months in Central East Africa on business, I returned last spring to my hometown of beautiful Lake Cowichan. I noticed some good and some questionable changes in our community, some of which left me questioning why. I have always felt that where good explanations are omitted from any scenario, I find them quite taxing on my conscience. My parents had taught me some very valuable principles, one being: "You should never complain about things unless you are willing to do something about it.”

That is what brings me to this next stage in my life. I am excited to be back in Lake Cowichan and happy to do my best to serve the town as much as possible.

After being back I have quickly become re-involved with a number of different groups.

The Kaatza Lakeside Players have elected me as vice president for the 2014/2015 seasons. I was also appointed as adirector of the Lake Cowichan Chamber of Commerce.

After graduating from LCSS in 2002, I worked in a number of different service-driven industries. I attended a number of courses in post secondary institutions and after performing many services while on the job training, I quickly used my skills to work my way into upper management. I have utilized these skills successfully in businesses both not only on Vancouver Island, but in other countries around the world.

I look forward to starting and raising my family the way I was raised, right here in our town. My commitment to Lake Cowichan will continue to be demonstrated by putting my positive attitude and energy to work in the best interests of the residents here. I believe our voices could be stronger and clearer. Open communication with the municipality is essential.

I offer experience and dedication in both management and finance to help in the decision making process within our community and to be personally accountable to the Town of Lake Cowichan. I will endeavour to prioritize all proposals and to make them a viable reality as quickly as possible.

I know that we need to find ways to keep costs down and make municipal businesses positive assets instead of burdens to our taxpayers. We need to find a way to help fill vacant businesses and draw light industry to the area.

I believe that we need elected officials that are willing to think, fight, adapt and take time to make sure that our town runs efficiently and reflects the wants of the population. I know that I am that person.

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