Lake Cowichan council is heading back to in-person meetings. (YouTube)

Lake Cowichan council is heading back to in-person meetings. (YouTube)

Lake Cowichan council briefs: Fire Smart and in-person meetings

Information from the Town of Lake Cowichan

FireSmart Community

Lake Cowichan remains a FireSmart community.

The town has once again been successful in obtaining a UBCM FireSmart Community Funding and Supports program grant.

The $149,705 received will help community officials continue to encourage residents to adopt and conduct FireSmart practices to mitigate the potential negative impacts of wildfire on public and private property.

“We have been truly fortunate in past years with similar funding that has built a good foundation for further activities,” said Lake Cowichan Mayor Bob Day. “We never know when and where wildfires will strike. Communities and residents all around the province, who practice FireSmart, have proven that the program saves properties and lives. You know what they say, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pond of cure’.”

In-person council meetings

After being forced online due to the pandemic, Lake Cowichan’s Town Council will return to in-person meetings, beginning in the month of May.

“This is a welcome transition from the electronic format where we have been conducting our meetings for a year and a half,” said Mayor Bob Day. “Our council has only met in person once or twice in the past year and a half. I believe the best way to meet and do business is in person and am very much looking forward to getting back together.”

What’s more, said the mayor, meeting in person will allow the public once again to be present to ask questions.

The meetings will continue to be broadcast live via the Town of Lake Cowichan YouTube channel.

Given the municipal offices are currently undergoing major renovations, the meetings will occur at the Lake Cowichan Fire Hall until the completion of the town’s new council chambers in 2023.

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