LNG deal great for B.C

Duncan – Did you really imply in Our View that there is a parallel to be drawn between wheeling and dealing for a sofa at a yard sale and a $9 billion deal for LNG by Premier

Christy Clark?

Of course there are always concessions to the companies and corporations, otherwise there would be little consideration of a deal. The benefits to British Columbians will be real and long-term in revenue, jobs, taxes and economic value to businesses in the province, particularly in those communities connected to LNG projects. The spin-off in spending dollars will be huge.

I would say “The horrible deal for British Columbians” would have been if Mr. Adrian Dix had won the last election. We would be spinning our wheels waiting for them to have the courage to give B.C. the hope and optimism Premier Clark has given with her true-spirited dedication to this province and its people.

Morag M. Gilchrist