Many considerations for new RCMP building site

Duncan – In response the editorial “New site for RCMP detachment a no-brainer”.

I think an apology is needed to be sent out to those that are involved in the process of finding a new site for the RCMP detachment.

If it was a “no-brainer” I am sure that they would have picked a site, built a detachment and moved on. Being that this is not the case I believe a little brain work is needed.

They need to consider call volume and where these calls are coming from. Every kilometre out of town is another couple minutes tagged on to response time.

Another issue to consider is the number of people that do not have transportation (or funds for taxi or public transit) who currently walk to or from the current location.

Property size is another issue. The site will have to be big enough for future growth.

Another point that has been brought up over and over is the cost. As a taxpayer I understand that in order for me and my family to live in a community like ours with the amenities that are currently available to us, then there needs to be funds to support this. That being said if we can save some money then why not? I am sure there are going to be people that will be upset no matter where they decide to put the new detachment but to call the whole process a “no-brainer” – I would not. There are a lot of issues to consider and I am sure they will make the best choice for the whole Cowichan Valley.

Chris Clark