Many mass killings not about religion

Cobble Hill – Re: Letter by John McDonald, Duncan, “Ban religion to advance cause of world peace.”

I somewhat agree with Mr. McDonald in that religion has caused much havoc and death in the name of one’s beliefs. Thousands of people have been killed, maimed or traumatized.

But, six million Jews were murdered by the Nazis, with no religious connection.

Mao-Tse Tong murdered 65 million people.

He was not religious, but a secular humanist.

Two million were murdered under Pol Pot in Cambodia.

No religion there.

There were over 25 million people killed in Russia during the Stalin purge. He denounced religion.

In the past 100 years, over 100 million people have been killed by people with no belief in God.

We can thank religion, especially Christianity, for many hospitals, universities, food banks and social support through such organizations as the Salvation Army and the Mustard Seed.

All of these good works because of a faith in a loving God, using people to bring a helping hand to other people around the world, regardless what religion or faith those people have.

Butch Maxwell Cobble Hill