Medication markup unacceptable

Mill Bay – I recently filled a prescription at one of the local pharmacies. By mistake, the clerk gave me the wrong stub. I’m glad she did, because that is how I discovered that the markup on my prescription was a stunning 72 per cent.

I had a discussion about this with the pharmacy manager who said that 72 per cent is “the industry standard.” With the markup of 72 per cent and the pharmacy’s dispensing fee, the total cost was $31.88.

I checked with other pharmacies in the wider area. Four have no markup; only one other had a markup – the same as at our local pharmacy. The medication itself averages about $11.25. The lowest total cost among the pharmacies surveyed was $21.50.

I have no problem with companies making a profit. I do have a problem when that profit amounts to extortion. Medications are already expensive enough, and in fact, unaffordable for many in our community.

Manuel Erickson

Mill Bay