MMBC: Make deals, ask questions later

re: Your recent article on North Cowichan council proposing to review the MMBC service agreement in 2015.

From the moment the details of this deal were announced to the public, many people I spoke with had the same immediate reaction: removing curbside collection of film plastic and instead, driving it somewhere for recycling when a truck is already picking up everything else at my driveway is an obvious step backwards in our service. I predict for many, it will either go in the trash or contaminate the regular recyclables.

Ruth Hartmann said, “We all need to stop using plastic bags at all”.

Fine, but it’s not just grocery bags we’re talking about. Every other box on the shelf is covered in a plastic film. Contents inside are bagged etc. Until manufacturers decide to use less packaging, you are, in effect, asking us to stop consuming.

How is it that North Cowichan councillors are just now, after the MMBC contract is well underway, finally, finally bringing up this obvious concern?

Typical government: Make deals…ask questions later.

Zak Cohen

North Cowichan