Muni has responsibility for Meadow Park

Duncan – Would you like to buy a house in Meadow Park? This is the subdivision of 33 homes adjacent to Alex Aitken School. The municipality approved it for development some 40 years ago and septic field systems were to handle the effluent. However, the land is not suitable for septic fields, a known fact, recently verified by VIHA.

There is a hodge-podge of treatment systems, some conforming, some non-conforming, one having sewage hauled away by tanker every six weeks at owners’ expense. Many longtime residents are retired and on fixed incomes. Any increase in taxes is a concern. Putting in a “stand alone” septic system, costing upwards of $20,000, would cause major stress and, perhaps, the loss of their home.

Unfortunately, once a caring, friendly neighbourhood has become polarized by untruths i.e. Big Developer behind sewer expansion, malicious gossip and personal attacks. Surely the municipality has some obligation in this matter and can’t expect VIHA and subdivision residents to assume total financial responsibility for council’s past errors. Would you like to buy a house in Meadow Park? I doubt it!

Jacques and Lynda Marc


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