Municipality can’t ignore Meadow Park problem

Duncan – Having been homeowners in the Meadow Park subdivision since its first development, we feel as though we are more qualified to state and reinforce the following happenings: When the Municipality of North Cowichan approved the development of the Meadow Park subdivision, septic fields were allowed on land unsuitable for such systems. This created a problem, a problem that was identified by VIHA.

The municipality, then realizing their mistake, stopped further development, however, did nothing to remedy the pre-existing problem, nor did they offer any compensation to the initial homeowners.

With the problem once again resurfacing (no pun intended), there is no wisdom in placing one’s head in the sand thinking the problem does not exist. There is even less wisdom in passing the problem to VIHA and the homeowners.

VIHA is not mandated to manage municipal affairs; homeowners should not be held financially responsible to fix a mistake made by a previous council.

Case in point, millions has been spent protecting the Wall subdivision (Beverly Street) which was developed on a flood plane (another bad decision by a previous council).

The planning department and municipal council need to be creative and find a solution to this problem that VIHA has clearly identified. Sharing the cost with the victims should be considered.

Jacques and Lynda Marc