‘My Fair Lady’ worth the wait

With a little bit o’ luck, you’ll find there are still some tickets left for the final performances of the South Island Musical Society’s production of My Fair Lady, which winds up its run at the Cowichan Theatre this weekend.

But, don’t wait too long.

After last Friday’s opening night smash, the word was out on the street: this is one super show.

Of course everyone knows why it’s running so late in the season: the entire cast, devastated when their beloved Eliza got the flu, chose to postpone the show till she could join them.

That meant a delay because dates at the theatre just don’t appear by magic but everyone persisted and, boy, was it worth the wait.

Lane charmed more than Professor Higgins. She lit up the stage with an incandescent performance Friday.

But then, so did everyone else. Their enthusiasm for this show, so long held back, burst like a dam, and the big opening night audience was the winner.

Led by such quality veterans as Alex Gallacher as Higgins, Ian Rothnie as Alfred Dolittle and Bob Norris as Colonel Pickering, everyone stepped up to present the enduringly popular musical with style and fervour.

The music was sprightly, the choreography delightful, the sets and costumes everything that could be wished and overall direction and management of this big production was tight and professional.  

Check with the Cowichan Ticket Centre right now (250-748-7529) to see if any space is left for you.