Never so disappointed in our government

I’ve lived in B.C. my entire 63 years, as has my wife. Most of this in Victoria, and now in the Cowichan Valley. We have had property on Shawnigan Lake for 25 years and never have I been so disappointed in our government, and the way contaminated soil is being allowed to be dumped in our watershed.

Please don’t tell me all appropriate safeguards are, or will be in place. The owners of SIA have demonstrated they are profiteers first, and everything else second. I have no confidence in their ability, or interest, in complying with the requirements of the permit. Neither do I have confidence in the ability of the regulators to detect, or uncover their noncompliance.

The technology and science that is to “safeguard” our drinking water and health, has been debated by experts without any consensus. Given the risks, why would any sensible person, or government, sacrifice the potential health of thousands for the profits of an individual company?

Please do the right think and help us reverse this permit. How one community is allowed to get rid of their garbage by dumping it on another community, without the second community having any say, is beyond me.

Grant and Corinne Price Shawnigan Lake