A new website is a valuable resource for those attending local sporting events or looking to host them.

A new website is a valuable resource for those attending local sporting events or looking to host them.

New CVRD resources aimed at sports tourism

A new website and hosting booklet are among the resources CVRD officials have developed in the hopes of attracting and promoting the region as a sports destination.

The goal: to “provide support to sports organizations and facilities in their bids to host regional, provincial and national events,” according to CVRD board chair Jon Lefebure.

As well, the CVRD will continue to seek out opportunities for the region to host larger multi-sport events.

The National Aboriginal Hockey Championships just wrapped up in the Valley. The BC Seniors Games have been held here, as have the North American Indigenous Games, and next summer the BC Summer Games will arrive.

Positive economic and social spinoffs result from having sporting events in town so it’s no wonder the CVRD is on board.

The new website (www.cvrd.bc.ca/sportstourism) markets the region’s attributes, which includes more than 50 sports venues, as well as gives information about the 100 sports organizations in the region. The information is useful to events rights holders who may be scouting for a location, teams, and spectators alike, who are coming to the region to participate in an event.

The website features several searchable databases and links to resources, community attractions, amenities and services.

It will also help organizers promote their events by submitting their details online for inclusion in a regional sports events calendar.

A hosting booklet will complement the website once produced.

But attracting new events isn’t as easy as a website and handbook. Organizers need gear.

The CVRD has gear.

“Sport event organizers will have access to a CVRD funded inventory of hosting equipment to help stage sports functions and events. The equipment is available at little or no cost through the Cowichan Lake Sports Arena and the Island Savings Centre,” said a press release issued by the CVRD.

It’s a service the regional district is happy to offer.

“We are thrilled to provide this new service to support our dedicated, hardworking sports community,” said Lefebure.