NIMBY from Alberta tar sands exporters

Mill Bay – In this article (lethbridgeherald. com/commentary/opinions/2014/06/19/local-interestgroups-make-a-difference/) from Lethbridge, Alberta, home of the tar sands, it seems that the locals had a better understanding of the ugliness, dangers, and greed of the industry that provides them with much, if not most of their livelihoods.

Suddenly, all of that wealth didn’t seem quite as important as their land, and the health of the community. But they have little problem passing all of those problems onto British Columbia vis-à-vis the Enbridge Northern Gateway and Kinder Morgan pipelines?

So much like Victoria/Esquimalt wanting to send their polluted soil into one of Cowichan Valley’s watersheds.

If the tar sands and fracking for natural gas are such wonderful economic engines, then why don’t they build a refinery there, and sell the finished product to Canadians, instead of China, America, and every where else?

Dirk Ouellette

Mill Bay