No more one-track thinking from ICF

Duncan – I would like to endorse Alan MacKinnon’s letter [Citizen, June 4] with regard to the alternatives to the “train train” thinking; he is right that there are multiple options available to the Island Corridor Foundation as to the type of transit that can be successfully run on the existing infrastructure. The “Baltimore System” in the U.S. uses a very adaptable “hybrid” bus system that can be used either on the road and/or on their existing rail network, thus increasing the opportunities for a broader transit structure.

It is refreshing to read a letter with a wider, more constructive view of the possibilities that are available to the ICF, rather than the negative nay-sayers who seem to miss the fact that we need to look to the future to make this corridor sustainable, active and workable, i.e.: “the gravy after the expense are met!”

Peter Elliott