North Cowichan Council wants to talk economic development

North Cowichan councillors say they are still interested in having their own economic development committee, despite being told of the importance of regionallybased efforts.

The previous committee was dissolved and no new one is listed among the select committees approved by council at the inaugural meeting.

According to North Cowichan CAO Dave Devana, economic development does need cooperation at a regional rather than just a municipal level.

"Here we can do revitalization and things like that but we should really try to help with a regional effort," he said. Mayor Jon Lefebure added that he was taking note of the strong desire from all of council to discuss economic issues.

Council was urged during the public comment period of the meeting to take another look at economic development. They were also asked to reconsider having their all-day planning session in public instead of behind closed doors, and, when the subject came up later in the meeting, they voted to open the meeting so interested members of the public could watch.

It will be held Jan. 13, beginning at 9 a.m. in the council chambers and run until 5 p.m. or however long it takes to hold the discussions needed.