North Cowichan/Duncan RCMP ready to rumble

Residents of North Cowichan and Duncan will have a better feel for what their local police are up to with the addition of a new siren to the fleet.

The detachment has started using the "Rumbler Siren" to enhance safety during emergency calls, adding to the effect of a regular siren.

"The Rumbler acts similar to a subwoofer, utilizing low frequency tones that penetrate hard surfaces better than the higher pitch of the regular siren," Sgt. Chris Swain said. "Drivers and pedestrians will be able to both hear and feel the police vehicle coming."

Swain explained that there are several reasons for employing the Rumbler.

"Due to better sound insulation in newer vehicles, the use of vehicle stereo systems, and pedestrians/bicyclists wearing headphones, this technology will assist in making everyone using our roads safer," he said.

"Police vehicles will still be using their regular sirens, but can activate the Rumbler at the same time, if required." In recent years there have been at least two instances where vehicles from the detachment were involved in accidents while rushing to emergencies.

"North Cowichan/Duncan RCMP and the municipalities we police are committed to doing everything we can to make our roads and our responses to emergencies as safe as we can for everybody using them," Swain said.