Not just Pink Day

Today, hundreds – maybe even thousands – of folks in the Cowichan Valley will wear pink shirts and think about what they can do to prevent bullying.

It needs to last more than a day, however.

No doubt some of the people who don pink today will spend a short time being respectful and considerate of others, maybe even advocating it loudly, then resume behaving the way they always have.

But Pink Day isn’t like Halloween, where you can hang up your costume and forget about it for another year.

The attitudes promoted by Pink Day need to stick with us all year.

While some schools, like Cowichan Secondary, are observing a full week of compassion, it just doesn’t seem good enough.

Respect and tolerance needs to be 24/7/365. Shouldn’t that be the message we’re teaching our youth? And it’s not just youth. Bullying takes place in the workplace, in the sports arena, and throughout the community.

The spirit of anti-bullying needs to carry on all year. A annual reminder shouldn’t be necessary, and if we can remember to have respect for every person every day of the year, we won’t need to be reminded every February.

Let’s keep the streets and sidewalks clear

The dump of snow we got over the weekend sure made the Cowichan Valley beautiful, but it also made the area treacherous.

Slippery streets and sidewalks make it tough to drive and tough to walk, and few of us have the option to stay indoors.

Make sure you shovel your sidewalk as soon as possible. You might be sure-footed as a mountain goat, but you’re not the only one who uses the sidewalk. The freezing rain that so often hits shortly after a snowfall turns sidewalks into a skating rink.

If someone in your neighbourhood can’t shovel their own walk, help them out. We all need to work together, and there’s no better feeling than doing something for others and getting some fresh air and exercise.

And when the plows are making their rounds, do your best to stay out of the way.

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