Odours a part of life

Duncan – I fully support the Cobble Hill recycling depot on Fisher Road.

I have heard some individuals are complaining about the odour.

My response is that I chose a home near the sewage treatment lagoon at end of Marchmont Road in Duncan, and am aware of odours from time to time.

In my view anyone who complains of odours from nearby facilities, recycling plants, pubs, ponds, rivers or bays needs to rethink that complaint.

Moving into the agricultural belt is going to have odours of chicken or cow manure. Moving near a pub is going to have noise “odour” from late night activity. Moving near the Cowichan River is going to have the odour of rotting fish after spawning season. Moving near an industrial zone may have odours and noise pollution. Moving near the Crofton pulp and paper mill is going to have the presence of odours. Living near someone who drives a diesel car or truck will mean experiencing odours. Living near the highway will mean the odours of car exhaust and the noise of traffic flow.

On and on it goes. A few individuals will attempt to close down a necessary and important part of our community, namely the Cobble Hill recycling depot on Fisher Road, claiming it smells. Well I say, you can’t be a consumer and expect someone else to recycle your waste. Recycled waste has an odour. Big deal! So does cow manure and car exhaust.

Let us not forget the extra jobs this recycling plant is creating for the already poor economy of the Cowichan Valley.

Keep these thoughts in mind.

Bill Woollam