People ignoring speed limits, stop signs at Chemainus intersection

Chemainus – I live at the corner of Daniel and Pine streets. The errors that I observe on a daily basis are frankly quite frightening.

This corner is extremely busy especially with all of the new homes to the north on Daniel and beyond. That combined with the through traffic off of Chemainus Road down to Esplanade Street is a recipe for disaster.

Simply put, the posted speed limits and stop signs are being ignored on a fairly regular basis.

The stupidity is further compounded by the idiots who come to a stop, on Pine, where there is no stop sign, and always it seem when there is someone behind them. The worst offenders are driving north on Daniel, not stopping at Pine Street, but barreling on through, often just missing a driver going east or west on Pine. Add to this the sloppy and dangerous habit of beginning a left hand turn long before you are into the intersection.

The near misses that I see every day will eventually result in an accident be it just a fender bender or something much more serious. Mark my words, it is going to happen unless our driving habits improve considerably. Possibly a four way stop on this corner will slow the traffic down.

John C. Hobbs