Peter Nix is the anti-democratic radical

Duncan – Peter Nix seems to have gone off the deep end! In addition to calling the prime minister “brain dead”, Peter seems to think that democracy means the leader of the country should answer his questions directly.

He then asserts that the prime minister is an “anti-democratic radical”.

I would suggest that standing at the gates of a school waving placards and demanding the closure of a lawful, publicly necessary industry, one that enables nearly EVERYTHING our society does, is the sign of a true radical.

That describes Peter Nix better than the prime minister, a man who must have worked hard to get elected democratically by convincing enough people that his ideas are both sound and reasonable. He didn’t just demand we do as he says, but Peter Nix does just that.

And when Peter grows frustrated that people won’t listen, what will he do then? Run for office and let folks decide if he has good sense or step up his anti-democratic radicalism? In a democracy you cannot demand to be heard; your ideas have to compete with others to see which have merit. Peter Nix’s ideas obviously do not, or else there would have been more than a handful of retirees and others there to “protest” during working hours.

This paper gives Nix a huge a sympathetic platform for what are usually nothing more than opinion rants. Rarely has Nix presented any cogent argument, critical thought, or reasonable debate instead choosing to use vitriol like “brain dead, antidemocratic radical, delusional” about those who disagree with him and to make absurd claims about “millions of lives being destroyed by a lack of action.”

Given what I’ve seen, I would question Nix’s experience, understanding of the issues, and possibly his motives.

Nick Caumanns