Peter Nix’s Harper ‘hissy fit’ tiresome

Chemainus – Re: Harper avoids public: is this really democracy? (Jan. 15) by Peter Nix.

I’ve had it up to here with his usual, tired, old, carbon buster diatribes. As for his being upset about not being invited to the gathering at Brentwood College on Jan. 7, I contribute to the Conservative Party of Canada and I did not receive an invitation.

But, hey I don’t go into a hissy fit and accuse the PM of being brain-dead.

Mr. Nix has only one agenda on his plate and if he doesn’t get his way, no matter the political party or prime minister, he will continue to write his “buster” letters or columns and demonstrate his lack of respect for democracy. Mr. Nix won’t be on the invitation list for my next birthday party, my 80th!

Len Herman