Police called in to investigate incident at Drinkwater Elementary in Duncan

Police cars were parked in front of Drinkwater Elementary School all day Monday

Police cars were parked in front of Drinkwater Elementary School all day today (Monday) as RCMP officers met with school staff and concerned parents over an incident last week.

Social media is abuzz about what is being described as a plot by two students against another student at the school. Facebook accounts indicate that the victim was threatened with potential harm on school property on June 1.

In a letter sent home to parents, principal Karen Petersen acknowledged there was “an incident involving a threat toward another student” at the school, but no one was hurt.

“As part of the process in dealing with this incident in a safe and thorough way, our local RCMP school liaison officer came to support our students, staff and families,” Petersen said.

“The incident has been worked through and dealt with, and ongoing support continues with the students and families directly involved. Please feel reassured that students at Drinkwater are safe.”

Cpl. Cari Lougheed, from the North Cowichan/Duncan RCMP, said the situation is “still being assessed and under investigation.”

She said the meetings between the RCMP, parents and school staff will likely continue through the day on Tuesday (June 7).

“We’re not prepared to release any statements on this case until we are through meeting with everybody involved,” Lougheed said.

The school has organized a series of parent information sessions (including Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. 6 p.m.) where parents can ask questions and talk about concerns.

Repeated calls to school district officials were not returned, and during a visit to school district offices, nobody was available for comment.

Many parents who were picking up their children after school today said they know only a little about what actually happened and who was involved.

Wally Gait said it appears the school wanted to keep the incident “in house.”

“It looks to be an isolated incident,” he said while waiting for his children. “I’m not worried about the safety of my kids here.”

Brian Werk, who has two young children at Drinkwater, said he was a “little bit concerned.”

“My wife has been following it closer then me, and she doesn’t believe the school handled it right,” he said. “My wife said she wishes the principal had notified the school’s parents of the incident before she did. But, having said that, I don’t think my kids are in any danger while at school.”

Dave Wermer, who was picking up his nephew from school, said he can’t imagine kids that young seriously wanting to hurt one another.

“I think they watch too much television and play too many video games,” he said.