Pompeo shooting trial saga has left bad taste

Chemainus – Re: Mountie appeal hearing wraps up (Feb. 7, 2014) This appeal is another example of Constable Pompeo’s poor judgment.

His sentence resulted in no real punishment even though he was found guilty of aggravated assault. His actions have caused permanent and painful injury to Bill Gillespie.

We have lost track of who is the victim in this situation. It’s time for David Pompeo to show some remorse for the consequences that were a result of his actions and serve his inconsequential sentence. It was a disappointment to me that the Crown chose not to appeal the sentence as the public deserves to be protected from any police officer who is unable to carry and use a gun responsibly.

This legal saga has left a bad taste as it seems that both the police and the court system are protective of each other. Why did it take over four years to bring the case to conclusion, but less than two months (including at least a two-week holiday period) to schedule and carry out a two day appeal in Vancouver?

Leslie Robinson