Pool a bargain for those outside core munis

Chemainus – Do you feel further ripped off at the news that Lake Cowichan is getting out of the two-tier system of fees at the pool for under $2 per household?

North Cowichan and the City of Duncan taxpayers have been paying down $16.5 million and $1.7 million respectively in construction debt since 2008.

Areas A – E were released from the two-tier system in 2012 in return for an annual grant from the CVRD of $119,000.

There are 1,631 residential taxpayers in Lake Cowichan. Town council has “agreed” to pay $2,986 to escape the two-tier system so they will pay $1.83 on an average house assessed at $203,000.

Areas A – E, in return for the $119,000 in grants are paying just $0.0297/$1,000 of assessment or just $6.03 on a $203,000 home to escape the two-tier system.

Residential taxpayers in the MNC pay $0.498 per $1,000 of assessment, broken down into $0.244 for operations and $0.254 for debt.

On a home assessed at $203,000 to run the pool and pay down 91 per cent of the debt MNC taxpayers pay $101.09.

The City of Duncan taxpayers pay $0.4169/$1,000 or $84.63 on $203,000 of assessment running the pool and paying down nine per cent of the debt.

Areas A-E and Lake Cowichan are not paying down the debt but more to the point, they are not paying a fair share of the operating costs.

Pool operating cost tax levies on a $203,000 dollar home in North Cowichan are $49.53. That is eight times what the CVRD residents are paying and 27 times what Lake Cowichan residents pay.

Is it any wonder that the Mayor of Lake Cowichan, or for that matter the rest of the CVRD outside the borders of North Cowichan and the City of Duncan, are so happy with these arrangements?

Talk about a bargain!

Alex Currie (Sr.)