Possible environmental drawbacks of park

Duncan – It was enjoyable to read the Friday, April 18 issue of the Citizen, with its several articles or letters about our natural surroundings and how they interact together.

There are some sensitive aspects, which T.W. Paterson brought up; “Let there be a light to shine far again atop Mount Prevost.” He refers to a previous topic of establishing a park on Mt. Prevost.

“Suggested park developments include road and trail upgrades and maintenance, increased parking, park amenities including washrooms, and safety restraints at both peak lookouts. The goal is to make the spectacular views more accessible than is the case at present.”

In discussing this statement he brings up the issue of destructive effects on the present flora and fauna. It would seem necessary to have that examined before going ahead. This is the perfect time of the year to observe the rare and delicate glacier lily, which grows in numbers on both peaks – the only place in the Cowichan Valley – and for only a couple of weeks in May.

This was publicized two or three years ago and remains just as important today – a striking example of caring for, or abandoning, in our slow progress towards total destruction, Mother Earth.

I appeal to the relevant authorities to go up to the summit and find this beautiful resident – if possible, accompanied by a knowledgeable person.

Lois Fenna