Proposed changes in Crofton a bad idea

Crofton – I attended the draft Crofton planning meeting on Sept. 18 regarding some proposed beautification suggestions. I do not agree with these proposed changes.

I think cutting Joan Avenue and York Street in half with planters down the centre will ruin these beautiful avenues as they exist. I think our town is lovely with the large avenues we have now.

Eliminating angle parking on Joan Avenue is a terrible use of our usable streets. I frequent our local businesses; this change will hinder the owners and make parking a nuisance. Neither will benefit our community.

These changes appear to be a waste of money and will disrupt the quaint shopping experience along Joan Avenue we enjoy now.

Three roundabouts in our town is uncalled for; there is already an issue for large vehicles at the intersection of York Street and Adelaide Street, causing large delivery trucks and trailers to backtrack. I don’t see roundabouts making our local streets safer in any way.

I love to see an expansion of green space but am against adding any extra strain on our limited quantity of water.

Patricia Collinson