Public and private health care can exist together

Saltair – It is unfortunate that this issue is so often clouded by unfounded claims that access to alternative sources of healthcare will lead to the demise of our public system. Such is just not the case. For decades we have experienced not just two-tiered healthcare but multi-tiered healthcare in Canada.


Primarily there is our universal public healthcare; then there is preferred access for WorkSafeBC clients; also for members of Parliament; also for members of the military; also for federal prisoners; also private medical centres [e.g., Dr. Day’s]; and, unfortunately, also those queue-jumping in our public system Also, 15 or so years ago, when I managed the first three private MRI clinics in B.C., some $2 billion Canadian was spent annually by Canadian governments sending patients to the U.S. This could only be greater now.


I make these points only to demonstrate that our public healthcare system can co-exist very well with alternative sources of medical care.


Pat Mulcahy




PS: The vast majority of our MRI referrals arrived in Chevvies and Fords – not in BMWs or Caddies, as those folks were often "accommodated" in the public system.