Putting down Rat Lake wolf an injustice

Cobble Hill – I am appalled at the injustice Solo the Rat Lake wolf received.


What a horrible fate she suffered. I really think trapping and shooting her was unnecessary. She harmed nothing, all she did was show curiosity.


She could have been looking out for her cubs, or just lonely.


Wildlife exists in the forest; consider yourself lucky to see it when you are in their territory. Instead of fear mongering and reporting it as a nuisance, why not let it have its space, and go on its way in peace? I believe the conservation officers literally jump the gun far too often in these cases, just to make it easier for themselves. Of course she could have been tranquillized and released elsewhere; they say she would not have been accepted into another wolf pack, but she should have had the chance at freedom instead of an execution.


Susan Brown


Cobble Hill