Question support of social inequalities

Duncan – In response to the letter from Betty Bond questioning the motives behind my letter. I did not mean to demean Mr. Reed Elley as a Baptist minister. I respect his right to his beliefs. But I question his support of Steven Harper.

A definition of right-wing politics is “political positions or activities that view some forms of social stratification or social inequality as either inevitable, natural, normal, or desirable, typically justifying this position on the basis of natural law or tradition.” (Wikipedia) It’s quite obvious that the social inequalities that are “normal and desirable” to Stephen Harper (as a “big” or “small” C Conservative) relate to the poor, the weak, the homeless, and maintaining their status – because it’s “normal”! How could a minister of ANY church support this mean-spirited philosophy, year after year, and support Stephen Harper vociferously to this day?

P. Wardell