Railing at discount needs to be redirected

I am not a great fan of BC Ferries, how the government handles it vs. Washington etc. but I think Daniel Ferreira is a bit over the top on this senior’s discount issue.

I am a cusp boomer, having been born in 1944. I have taken advantage of the discount to ride free when permitted and probably did so on 65 per cent of my trips.

Under the new regime my 20-25 return trips a year will now cost me about $160 more. Big deal.

I, and I suspect most seniors who used the privilege, waste much more than that on specialty coffee houses, fast food and other stuff that just isn’t essential to our daily lives and health. I know many seniors on this island who rarely if ever leave it let alone by BC Ferries so they are not part of the equation.

Instead of railing at the senior discount issue these energies need to be directed at getting this service as part of the MOT.

Alex Currie