Ready for a North Cowichan challenge?

Do you think you have one of the greenest households in North Cowichan? The municipality is looking for five to compete this fall in the inaugural Community for Climate Household Challenge, where residents will vie to see who can make the greatest reductions in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

"The Community for Climate Household Challenge provides a great opportunity to learn about energy use in your home and find ways to reduce how much you use. This can have a significant and positive impact on your household budget in a time of rising energy costs," said Mayor Jon Lefebure.

Residents have until Sept. 10 to enter and the challenge will begin on Sept. 21, running for five weeks, and end on Oct. 26. Application forms are available on the North Cowichan website (www.north

The challenge is the brainchild of the municipality’s climate change advisory committee, and follows in the footsteps of similar competitions that have provided a lot energy use reduction success and a lot of fun in other communities in B.C. Participating households get a baseline assessment to establish just how much energy they consume, an energy audit of their home so they can identify ways to improve their energy efficiency, an electricity monitor to measure how much their appliances and electronic devices are using, and mentoring and support from Transition Cowichan.

Then there’s the benefit to the pocketbook of reducing their energy costs, and the bragging rights of being famous community faces.

If that’s not enough, the winning household will also get a six-month supply of food from a local community supported agriculture program "and more", promise organizers.