Recycling bins need to make a comeback

Shawnigan Lake – My perennial beef since the shooting down of a South End Eco Depot facility.


The picture depicts what is left over from curbside pick-up yesterday. These folks only just moved in and obviously have put out flattened packing/moving material that was NOT picked up. The bin was. Welcome to Shawnigan (the whole South End)! Bin content only.


Return the containers to Shawnigan and Kerry Park (at least). Sure some people will abuse it but it is time to cater to the majority.


The Shawnigan container bins – now gone. When in place, for lack of a better name, scavengers (two in particular), who salvaged salvageable material in the form of cans, liquor bottles, some metals etc. were told to vacate the area because someone complained they were a nuisance.


They should have been paid a modest fee for their daily attention to the area and advice (by the book) that they gave some folks dropping stuff off.


Better yet, find a place for Eco South – roadside garbage is mounting up. Property owners pay/will pay for it so let’s just do it with all the ‘t’s and ‘i’s crossed and dotted.


Reg Blackmore


Shawnigan Lake