Releasing FSA results politically motivated?

Shawnigan Lake – Re: Nick Caumanns “FSA Testing Shows BC Excellence” Mr. Caumanns, I must start by saying that you and I certainly are NOT cut from the same cloth.

I can only assume that the teachers in our district, similar to myself, when reading your opinion piece, are questioning your sincerity in telling them how proud they should feel about how they “compare” in one breath, and in the other breath, you imply that the very union that the teachers belong to is underhandedly fighting the FSAs because the results are contrary to what they are fighting for (increased wages and benefits, smaller class sizes, etc.). Are you forgetting that the BCTF fights on behalf of our teachers? I’d wager a bet that the teachers and their union are both on the same page with what it is they are fighting for and why it is they fight for it.

I implore the public that is reading our opinions to simply go to the Fraser Institute Wikipedia page and read the contents. Then decide for yourselves if this is a “charitable organization” YOU want ranking your children. Do you trust this “think tank” and what they publish? Do you think they may have alterior motives…or maybe they publish articles that are favorable to the very corporations and high profile people that donate to their “charity?”

The results of the FSAs are released by our provincial government, the very same government that was just found guilty of provoking a full blown teachers’ strike for their own political motives. Parents, ask yourselves this, do you think it’s possible that our Liberal government has their own motives for releasing the FSA results to the Fraser Institute?

Jen Rattray

Shawnigan Lake