Rules on clothing buy/ sell site not working

Duncan – Over the past few years, Facebook groups for local clothing buying and selling have flourished. However so have the rules set by the administrators on these groups.

Most recently, the most popular trading site by far made a major update to its extravagant list of rules, as well as creating a “member reviews group” where you can post a positive or negative review regarding your experience with another member. Most of these rules only address petty “concerns”, such as not allowing multiple photos of a garment to be posted or letting the group know whether or not your item is available unless asked first. Unfortunately none of them deal with the true problem, which is flaky members – the ones who will either scam others or flake out on meet-ups with no apology or explanation.

In fact, instead of simply deleting these members, the admin recently (as previously mentioned) made another Facebook group for reviews.

In comparison to other local clothing groups, this one has the most popularity, which keeps its low appeal up enough to still generate more members every day. Unfortunately though, it also has the most ridiculous rules as dictated whenever possible. Buying and selling groups are a popular thing all over the Island as well, and I’m in several in Victoria too.

The rules set in those groups are more sensible and focus more on ensuring a good transaction instead of providing a cleaner and less efficient wall.

Monika Purchase