Russia not why we support the Olympics

Along with the joy that is bound to come with the start of the Olympics, this year, it is also being met with a great deal of controversy.

The anti-gay policies of the Russian government have sparked opinions from people from all across the globe.

Over the last few weeks I have heard the question, “Well, with all that’s going in Russia, should we really be supporting the Olympics this year?” more times than I can count.

Though it may be a valid argument for some people, this question has always seemed a bit ridiculous to me. People seem to think that we watch the Olympics to support the country that is hosting them; when in all honesty (unless they are in Canada), I could care less where they are.

Sure it’s exciting to see the culture and pride of another country, but that’s not really why we watch.

We don’t hold our breath during Patrick Chan’s final skate, or yell until we lose our voices during the men’s gold medal hockey game because we love Russia.

Our excitement stems not from our support of a country’s law, but from the love and pride that we feel toward our athletes. From the moment that they enter the stadium during the opening ceremonies, to the day that the torch is extinguished, and every hearty pounding moment in between; they are why we cheer.

The Olympics are about the way your heart swells when you hear O Canada, or how you can’t help but smile when you see someone sporting red mittens.

So should we support the Olympics even if we don’t agree with their government policies? Well, if we know what the Olympics are truly about, should we even be asking that question?

Sarah Willson

Frances Kelsey student