Sending out tiny bill by mail not very frugal

Duncan – Today I went to the North Cowichan municipal office to pay my water overage bill of $2.77.

At that time I asked to speak to a person in authority, who turned out to be a person in the financial section.

I asked why I get a bill for $2.77 when the postage was, accidental or by design, exactly 77 cents. Question: Wouldn’t it be more frugal to send a bill when I’m $10 over?

Answer: We’re not trying to save money, we just want you to know you’re over the limit.

Question: Where does your salary come from?

Answer: From taxes. I might be missing something here but wonder why the Crofton mill gets to use millions of gallons of water when we’re in a near water crisis.

Is a seawater desalination plant not an option?

Why are municipal employees not concerned with saving and conservation?

Gord Cooper Duncan