Shocking sentence for Cobble Hill driver

Chemainus – I am very impressed with the sense of generosity and forgiveness by Mrs. Little’s daughter Susan. However, reading the comments by Judge Sue Wishart I thought that the judge was going to throw away the keys, instead a soft slap on the wrist.

When you examine [Owen] Kelly’s lengthy list of driving offences it appears that he is a man who just doesn’t give a damn and has no fear of consequences.

And Judge Wishart has proved to him that it’s okay.

I imagine the police must be highly frustrated, all those offences over more than 20 years, causing the death of a human being and Kelly gets off.

If Kelly was genuinely remorseful he would have stopped driving immediately after Mrs. Little’s death.

To be caught that many times by the police Kelly must have committed hundreds of traffic violations.

It’s worth noting that Mrs. Little could have reasonably expected to live another 20 years. Not bad, 21 days for stealing 20 years.

One has to ask, what kind of message does this give to other drivers who are reckless like Mr. Kelly? The answer is “no worry”.

Rob Robinson