Small Shawnigan garage offers big service

Shawnigan Lake – This is a letter of appreciation for the remarkable people at the Shawnigan Lake Automotive Services, 2760 Shawnigan Lake Rd.

This garage is a one-stop place for all our auto needs. Our vehicles not only get their fuel here, they get the best TLC! Owners Tom, Marianne, Ron, Luke and the amazing Dwight (who seems to be able to solve all problems with astonishing efficiency!) have handled much more than the usual matters. They continue to offer useful advice (like checking out a car we were planning to purchase) and have even come to the rescue on more than one occasion when we’ve encountered emergency situations that required quick action!

Older cars can sometimes be unpredictable. They run without flaw for periods of time and then just when you have an important run, they decide to test your dedication towards them! When this happens, it is wonderful to have a pit-crew who understand and get the job done pronto, and even offer to drive you home while the car is in their shop!

We are very fortunate to have this garage near our home, but even if they were a long distance from us, we’d still go to them! Their facilities may be small, but their service is huge!

Prad and Ranjana Basu

Shawnigan Lake