Some good ideas, but still some questions

Duncan – I have been reading the articles written by members of the CVRD Economic Development Committee Mr. Douglas and Mr. Hart.

I agree that small business produces more jobs, pound for pound and that co-ops are good (although the Federated Co-op refinery in Regina is apparently well in contravention of emission standards), and local investment funds are good provided no taxation is involved.

No mention of very burdensome regulation and tax collection duties for small business by Ottawa and Victoria, but this is a local opinion.

I do get nervous about government raising taxes to fund suitable businesses.

I was however surprised that the articles were totally devoid of any steps of appreciation by local government towards small business.

Would not reduced taxes encourage small business? Why not mention the business licence fee? Why do you have to pay a fee to employ people in a small business? Why are small business premises taxed at six times the rate of residences?

Would these tax reductions not help small business? What does the Centre for Policy Alternatives think? The Pembina Institute? The Simon Fraser University School of Public Policy? And how about using the $500,000 a year spent on the CVRD Economic Development meetings as a general tax reduction for people to spend on local organic food?

G. Glen Ridgway