Something rotten, and it’s not the garbage

Cowichan Bay – This MMBC project looks to be cut and dried, a done deal.

What right has this government to sign off on a deal such as this without consulting at the very least the mayors of this province, let alone the residents who have had this stupid, wasteful thing foisted on to us, right after the blue and black bins were injected into the waste material system? Something is decidedly rotten here and it is not the garbage! Our MLA has rightly questioned the premier, who as far as I know, has not and does not seem capable of giving the public any satisfactory explanation of why

it is needed. Why also is she pushing it onto our backs? There is an unpleasant odour about this whole affair.

Further to our garbage, it needs to be processed locally by someone with some common sense. It can and should be done.

George Manners

Cowichan Bay