Sometimes we should leave emotion out of it

Duncan – I agree with David Lowther that our educational problems will not be solved by bringing Christian education back into public schools.

Listening to my Grade 3 teacher read from the Bible and lead us in The Lord’s Prayer did not help me at all with my phonics and math.

I also remember coming to school a little late one day, and having to wait outside with a girl from another faith – her parents preferred that she not be in the room for the Bible reading. That’s understandable. Parents have a right to choose for their school age children when it comes to faith.

I am a firm believer in the three “R”s. If we allow Christianity back into schools, then we ought to make room for other faiths as well. Our teachers don’t have time for that. If we want our children to be successful in reading (and spelling) as well as writing and math, then maybe it’s for the best that we concentrate on those skills and leave faith teaching to the parents.

The only thing that I disagreed with in Mr. Lowther’s letter is his inclusion of his opinion that [Christians] “pray to an Imaginary Playmate”. I wish that he hadn’t included that.

Sometimes (potentially) hot topics need to be opinion/emotion free in order to have a good discussion.

Cathy de Lange