Speak up against new RV zoning at the Lake

Lake Cowichan – Recently a small group of property owners in the Nantree/Peri Road neighbourhood submitted an application to the CVRD requesting an amendment to existing bylaws within Electoral Area I. The current zoning of the properties is for R-2 Suburban Residential and permits a single family dwelling on each property.

The requested change would allow each property owner the right to have up to four recreational use vehicles on their property as opposed to one single family dwelling. Most of these property owners who are in favour of this bylaw change have not been in compliance

with the bylaw for years. Additionally, many of them do not have permitted septic and are allowing grey water and sewage to pump directly into the ground. The increased density in the neighbourhood that this change would cause is also a big concern, as this will become an unplanned neighbourhood. There will be little to no control on the number of people within in each property.

This particular neighbourhood is also within a flood zone and inevitably each winter it floods. All of these properties that are using self-made outhouses and dumping directly into the ground are impacted by these floods. The impact that the improper septic and grey water disposal will have on Cowichan Lake is not acceptable.

I urge you as a resident within the Cowichan Valley electoral area to contact your CVRD representative and voice your opposition to these changes. The CVRD is also planning public meetings – get involved! The CVRD has stated that they want to use the result of this zoning review to guide future zoning elsewhere in the CVRD – so if you don’t want four RVs in the lot next door to you, speak up!

Scott Paro

Lake Cowichan