SRA’s dumping concerns based on science, SIA’s permit includes list of contaminants

Shawnigan Lake – It is an insult to the collective intelligence of the 8000+ residents of Shawnigan Lake affected by the SIA decision to dump toxic soil in the watershed to say that science has not been considered. The Residents Association has contracted and received expert opinion on this matter, all of it raising significant doubt as to the safety of this project.

The allure of millions of dollars to Block and Kelly, and the elimination of a problem for the Federal, Provincial and Victoria politicians, are what is driving this project. The rights, health risks, loss of property value to local residents, and the stain on a growing organic farming industry is simply “collateral damage” to the decision makers.

Block and Kelly’s assertion that “the SIA project would benefit the south Island by helping to eliminate the illegal dumping of contaminated soils that has occurred” is a smoke screen. In effect, what they are saying is “we won’t help clean up the valley…we will just dump all of the crap in Shawnigan.”

What they plan to dump is not benign. Their permit states, “the types of soil that can be discharged at the landfill facility

are soils and associated ash contaminated with Inorganic Substances (including metals), Dioxins, Furans, BTEX, MTBE, VPHs, LEPH/HEPH, PAHs, styrene, Chlorinated Hydrocarbons, Phenolic Substances, chloride, sodium and Glycols as defined in Schedules 4 and 5 of the CSR”. At no time have Block & Kelly stated that those toxic substances would not be dumped in Shawnigan.

Al Brunet

Shawnigan Lake

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