Stickers on gas pumps a hairbrained scheme

Chemainus – I have just finished reading about the presentation by a Robert Shirkey to the CVRD about warning labels on gas pumps.

What right does a guy from Toronto where they think they are center of the universe, have to come here and urge our politicians to spend our taxpayers’ money on such a hairbrained scheme?

In general, I am fed up with these environmental lobby groups putting pressure on municipal politicians to spend our money on so-called climate change initiatives that in many cases have no science or faulty science behind them and have no

way of measuring the results. It is a waste of time and money!

Who will change their fossil fuel consumption because of a sticker? As long as all of us are dependent on fossil fuels we will see little change in consumption. And it is not just gas and oil we use, but the hundreds of products which use petroleum derivatives in their manufacture. Please CVRD use some common sense and shelve this label suggestion as merely an interesting but highly impractical way of addressing climate change. I am suspicious that somewhere some company associated with this huge environmental industry has a contract to make and distribute the labels. I don’t want that done at my expense and

I ask the CVRD to use my tax dollars in practical ways to fight poverty, homelessness, unemployment, lack of affordable housing and many other serious social issues that are staring them in the face.

Reed Elley Chemainus