Student walkout counterproductive

Shawnigan Lake – There’s been more media coverage on the ‘student walkout’ than the teacher’s strike and why they are striking. Not only is this student walkout entirely counterproductive, there’s not enough information for the students to make an educated decision on who to support, why, and how.

I’m in Grade 12 at Frances Kelsey Secondary School and I want to remind students of how important our teachers are to us and why they are fighting for the education system. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are cut from our education system every year. The teacher’s strike is not simply for a higher wage, kids. It’s about smaller, more intimate classrooms, more personalized learning systems for those who need it, proper funding for schools and so much more.

For the first 18 years of our lives, teachers become some of the most important humans

to us. We learn from them, we mature with them, some help us get out of severely dangerous situations, they teach us patience and discipline, they teach us of repercussions when we make a bad choice and so much more. They stay late after hours, they go so far out of our way to make sure every student is safe and encouraged, with the right learning system and the government only gets in the way of that.

These teachers deserve to be honoured with how important they are because without them, we would be less capable of so much.

Please reconsider your illinformed idea of supporting our teachers by not letting them teach us in classrooms. The only way of letting your voice be heard and making a difference that’s visible to the government is to go on the school-closure days and picket with them.

Sara Gillis

Shawnigan Lake