Student weighs in on teacher job action

Dear Premier Clark and Education Minister Fassbender: Why do you fight the teachers union? You might say, “We are right in many ways and the teachers are bickering for no good reason.” To be right is not a reason to fight. Money is not a reason to fight. The only reason you should fight is to defend yourself, your family, your neighbours, your friends, your province and country. And fighting like two young siblings would fight over a toy does not benefit this province. Why, you might ask, are we fighting like children? Here are some reasons.

First, you don’t spend enough money on education for the people of British Columbia. I’ve seen and heard of schools closing down because school districts do not have enough money or enough support from the communities and public to stay open. Good education is something that all people of this province and country, no matter who they are, no matter what they’ve done, and no matter what problems they have, deserve. Education should be available to all ages and to those who need it.

Second, why do you deny the right for students to learn? You need to comply with school districts to provide money to build and expand schools so teachers can have classes that are less than a limit of 30 students.

A few years ago, you agreed to reduce the limit of classrooms to below 30.

Today, what have you done about this? Nothing! Teachers are becoming more stressed than ever because they have so many students and can’t interact with every student one-to-one. Since most teachers have to work late at night to prepare for the following day, they are often tired, stressed and irritated the next day and the next. You are doing this because you want to win an argument that has been going on for more than a decade! This is getting nowhere! Other countries have better education. Our education compared to other countries is a bit disappointing.

In conclusion to this letter, by locking out teachers and students, you are denying everyone’s right to learn and to continue learning. For your actions, we have less of a chance to get a job and earn a living. Think of the future.

When we become parents, our children may ask us, “Why did you move from B.C.?” We may reply, “Because the government refused to support our education.”

Would you like to go down in history as the government of B.C. that refused to support education for their citizens? To not end up like this, stop talking and start supporting education in B.C.

Noah Mellemstrand Grade 8 student at Cowichan Secondary