Sunridge staff aren’t pawns in a game

Cowichan Bay – Here we go again – “massive layoffs hit Sunridge.” This is NOT a business. It is a CARE home – a SERVICE vital to the residents’ well-being, vital to their life comfort and their health. Just because it is “sold” doesn’t account for the necessity of staff layoffs – what other places sell and totally lay off staff? If my family were at Sunridge, I would be terrified as to what is going to happen to them. What part of “disruption to routine” don’t these people get – a change of routine and familiar staff members totally disrupts their trust, their well being and their comfort.

Staff at Sunridge have worked VERY hard to make these residents comfortable and give their lives meaning. Now you are going to totally destroy that? Think again. This isn’t just “pawns” you are moving. This is real people, who do an incredible job of nursing care. And maybe think a bit – THIS could be you or your family you are upsetting. And look ahead – this could be YOU in a care home!

Barbara Ferguson

Cowichan Bay