Superhero issues challenge to Cowichan

Cowichan water conservationists called in a superhero to kick off a Valley wide challenge Saturday, July 12.

Cowichan leaders gathered on the stage at Duncan’s City Square to welcome Water Woman and add some fun to a serious event.

Cowichan Watershed Board members, Rob Hutchins (CVRD chair and Ladysmith Mayor), Ian Morrison (Area F director), Ross Forrest (Lake Cowichan Mayor), Tim Kulchyski and Debra Toporowski (Cowichan Tribes) as well as David Slade and Dr. Lorna Medd were joined on stage by Duncan Mayor Phil Kent and Coun. Michelle Staples.

Hutchins was especially proud to see everyone join the Cowichan Water Conservation Challenge because his Town of Ladysmith is a water conservation leader and Kulchyski knows first hand the serious effect of drought on the Cowichan River.

Low snowpack, a dry spring and early summer combined to see Cowichan Lake at its lowest at this time of year since 1956 when the weir at Lake Cowichan was built.

Flow in the Cowichan River has been reduced to about 70 per cent of normal flow to save water.

The idea is for other communities to meet or beat Ladysmith’s domestic water usage.

Water Woman was ready to help out, too.

Dressed in a flamboyant costume, she had capes ready for her cohorts as they prepared to step out into the City Square crowd and sign up new people for their Valley conservation challenge.

What did they need to promise to do?

The list was short and the tasks not difficult, either, she said.

They include testing your toilets for leaks; waiting for a full load to run dishwashers or washing machines; letting your lawn go brown; turning off water when brushing teeth or rinsing dishes; mulching your trees and garden plants and respecting watering restrictions.

Even on a sweltering afternoon, the caped crew got about 100 pledges.

To learn more about the challenge check out cowichan Facebook: CowichanWaterChallenge.