Surely wolf could have been given a chance

Cobble Hill – I wish to join the growing chorus of anger over the killing of the lone wolf near Mill Bay.

I realize it was the cheapest and easiest way to trap and then kill it. However, surely it could have been relocated where it may have had a chance of survival.

In many jurisdictions, whether it be east, central or south Africa, and closer to home, the Park Service in Alberta, they capture and release animals with known success. In the African context, a pride of lions which has similar societal behaviour to a pack of wolves, may adopt a solitary young lion or lioness into its pride. At least give a lone wolf a chance to survive on its own, be adopted into another pack, or even form its own incipient pack.

With the encroaching human settlements, these events are bound to continue occurring.

Alex Matheson

Cobble Hill